At Shiels & Co., we understand that consumer behaviour of patios owners has changed in the course of time. The patio wants to be used more often than just in summer, weather protection products ensure your patio will be used all year round.
Be it sun protection in the form of classical awinnings, or in the form of patio roofs, conservatories or glass houses, according to your requirements. When equipped with additional options, such as heating and light, the products turn into lifestyle products all year round.


Bring your garden into your house – a smooth transition to the outside provided to you by the elegant Weinor Glasoase.This glass oasis is a combination of a Terrezza patio roof comprising all glass elements that can be closed to form an uninsulated conservatory. There are many flexible and fixed – glazed side elements to choose from.


Offering a full range of undermounted, roof mounted and vertical awnings. An attractive anti- glare screen that is always a good choice below a Glasshouse, it provides for ample air circulation. The under mounted conservatory awning changes glistening sunshine into enchanting light effects in summer.


From LED Spot lights to Tempura heaters, we supply the full range of accessories all controlled by the simple BiConnect remote

Do you want to spend as much time outside but need an effective guard against wind, rain and sun? The Weinor Glassroom will provide that weather protection and extend the time in which your patio or garden area can be used.

It gives a true protection from the Irish weather with a combination of a glass roof with optional blind system to protect from the glare of the sun and movable side glass elements for air movement and protection from the rain. You will use your Glassroom all year around for entertaining and relaxing.

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