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  • Inspiring Kitchen colours

    Colour – a key factor in kitchen design

    Whether your style is minimalist, modern, traditional or funky, your kitchen colour choices for the cabinets, backsplashes, hardware and accessories are key to delivering your dream kitchen. They can range from understated greys, muted whites to bold, glossy reds.

    Sophisticated Navy

    Navy has been an unexpected trend in today’s kitchen […]

  • SwissKrono Flooring

    We are delighted to announce that we now stocking beautiful Swiss Krono Flooring
    The decors of these 14-mm-thick planks from Switzerland so closely resemble their inspiration – real solid rustic wood – that even experts have to look hard to tell the difference.
    There are two reasons for this. One is their fascinatingly precise in-register embossing. Second, the printed […]

  • The benefits of a Glassroom

    The Weinor Terrazza Glassroom can bring your garden into your house.

    The benefits at a glance

    STAY OUTSIDE LONGER – the Glasoase® provides protection from the wind and rain

    HEATING & LIGHT – cold and dark becomes warm and light

    HIGH QUALITY ALUMINIUM PROFILES – that create a graceful appearance, high levels of stability and plenty […]

  • Kitchen Islands

    A kitchen island can become the heart of your kitchen where everyone gets together at the end of the day to chat, where the children can get their homework done while you are cooking, where your friends gather as your party is getting ready. It can serve as a workstation when you want to catch […]