Quooker – Everything you need to know!

Quooker: the tap that immediately dispenses boiling water. Tap on the worktop, tank underneath. A 100% Dutch invention taking over the world.

More Space 

If you, like us love uncluttered counter space you will you are instantly doing this with a Quooker Tap (bye bye kettle)

A Real time saver 

This is one we hear from our clients time and time again. No more waiting of the kettle to boil for your cup of tea or when cooking to make pasta etc.

It’s Safe

A Quooker tap is safe with children in mind, there is a child safety push mechanism and also the boiling water from the tap is a fine spray instead of a solid jet.

You will save water

How many times have you boiled the kettle with the exact amount of water needed? With a Quooker you are only using the actual amount of water that you need.

It’s Energy Efficient 

You only hear the exact amount of water needed due to the high patented vacuum insulation. The energy consumption of 3cent per day.

We have a Quooker tap in our showroom in Killenard, Co. Laois. For more information on Quooker please visit here


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