The new W17 Easy Full Glass sliding door

The new W17 easy full glass sliding door is the all round weather protection needed to provide an unobstructed view of the sky and nature. The w17 easy full glass sliding door was awarded with the “red dot design winner” and “M&T Product of the Year” awards in 2017. It is not only restricted to the patio but is an accessible room divider with an anti stumbling threshold.

The key technical features include:

– Soft-Closing System for quiet and easy movement of the glass leaves
– Soft closure aid and easy-close and park option
– Simple maintenance and easy cleaning thanks to clever CleanCase
– High-quality handle and lock choices available
– Accessible floor rails with easy-to-mount attachment profiles
– Can also be used indoors
– Fits under almost any patio roof, pergola or veranda

The Weinor full glass sliding door is not available off the shelf, rather it is adapted on an individual basis with options and sizes to be retrofitted to your requirements.

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