Is a handleless kitchen the kitchen for you?

While you might describe the handleless kitchen as modern and contemporary, the handleless look is reminiscent of the early 20th century Bauhaus style. With characteristics that are simple yet functional and designs defined by a lack of decorative facades or ornamentation.  In recent years, many of our clients aim to have a seamless, clean lines, effortless and clutter free look that can be achieved by opting for a handleless kitchen.


We are delighted to now offer a new selection of both gloss and matte handleless kitchen ranges available in seven colours. The Matte finish door is durable and blemish free; while the gloss contemporary style is exceptionally flawless with a mirror like finish.

We can help you design and advise on both colours and finishes that would work best in your space and that will compliment your home beautifully.






Is a handleless kitchen the kitchen for you?

The qualities of a handleless kitchen are elegant, timeless, sleek, effortless while providing a beautiful finish.

This style of kitchen is perfect to pair with wood, stone work surfaces along with stainless steel accessories and appliances.

A handleless kitchen is a great choice in small kitchens where every inch counts; clean, seamless lines will visually make the space look larger.

Handleless kitchens are great with small children, as no handles to bang their heads off and handleless doors and drawers are harder for children to open.

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