Create your dream kitchen – bespoke design

Does your kitchen have oddly shaped angles and corners or does your current kitchen design not allow you use the space to its full potential? We can help make your dream kitchen a reality. Natural Wood are a team of specialist craftsmen that provide highest quality kitchen design.

We recently completed a beautiful kitchen in Farrow and Ball Dove tail, beaded panel door and flat panel drawers finished with a stunning Silestone Vortium countertop.

The client had no space for a radiator in the kitchen which poses an obvious problem. The design solution was to place the radiator in the kitchen island. This clever design change allowed more kitchen storage space that could have been taken up by a radiator while utilising space in the island.


Source: Naturalwood


Source: Naturalwood

Do you have a design feature your need help with or would love a certain type of kitchen that does not seem possible, contact us today to arrange a design consultation on 05786 26483 or email

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