Kitchen Islands

A kitchen island can become the heart of your kitchen where everyone gets together at the end of the day to chat, where the children can get their homework done while you are cooking, where your friends gather as your party is getting ready. It can serve as a workstation when you want to catch up with work while still keeping an eye on your dinner. Kitchen island’s help increase the rooms’ functionality and efficiency. The shape and size of the island should be determined by the room’s layout and size.

Why do you need a kitchen island?

Add more counter space

An island gives you more space to prepare meals without the feeling of being cramped. Kitchen islands enhance the work flow by providing accessible counter space from all directions

Additional seating

Do you need more seating in your kitchen? Extra seating may be important to your kitchen design if you have a large family, small dining area or would simply like to have the option of additional seating. The kitchen island can be a great way to create an informal dining setting. They are a great place for kids to have snacks, do homework while you are preparing meals.

An alternative area for kitchen appliances

You can cleverly place kitchen appliances such as your hob, kitchen sink or a wine cooler in your island making it the hub of the cooking and social space in the kitchen.

Kitchen island with appliances Sink integrated into island

More storage space

Does your kitchen lack storage space and do you dream of decluttered counter tops? A kitchen island may be the solution. You can choose drawers, shelves, cabinets, pull out bins, storage baskets, bookshelves or saucepan drawers.

storage in kitchen island


Peninsula/ Perimeter Island

Sometimes a peninsula or perimeter island may work better depending on your space.  A peninsula island offers circulation on three sides compared to the classic island which has four sides. For smaller kitchens this is a great solution while not compromising on space. In open plan kitchens, the peninsula island can help define the room from the living area.

Peninsula island

Source: Pinterest

Multi level points

If you would like your kitchen island to be multi functional, a good design tip is to have different levels for seating and preparation areas. By creating multi level surfaces on your kitchen island you can define work stations from leisure or eating points. It also looks great and adds definition to use different materials for the work surfaces.

Showroom kitchen island multi points

Add colour and versatility

You can be versatile with the finishing touches on your kitchen island. You can use your island to add colour or different materials which can really transform the overall look of the room.



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